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trailer hitch for an '87 5000s -Reply

I have a class II hitch on my 89 200Q which has been on two previous
(84 5K, 88 5KT) I think that it was made by Da-Lan.  I am selling the
car now and if the buyer doesn't want it, I can let you know.  It has
been no problem.

>>> <AUDIDUDI@delphi.com> 03/02/95 10:17pm >>>
Several years ago, I had a hitch installed on my '81 4000 to make it
easier for me to transport a racecar I was building from shop-to-shop
around town.
Having survived more than 280k miles (and a girlfriend whose first
thought whenever I mentioned oil was "Olay"), it has reached the end
of its useful life and I now find myself needing to install a hitch on my
'87 5000s.

Before I have something custom-made, I'd like to know whether there's
one I can buy off-the-shelf and install myself.  Ideally, it would be
designed to bolt-on (so I can take it off) and use a receiver tube so I
can adjust ball height to keep the tow-bar level.  Although the car to be
towed weighs 2300 pounds, my average tow is under 10 miles and I've
never had any problems in the past using a 1500 pound-rated hitch...

Any recommendations/suggestions? 

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