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Ur-boost Emperical evidence

   Ok, so it was a little while ago when this boost discussion came to an 
end, but I needed time to install a guage and run around at full boost 
for a while before I could respond. My stock computer cuts power to  the 
fuel pump (more technically, it cuts the ground to the fuel pump relay) when 
the boost goes over 12.5 psi. The guage I am using is from some high tech 
welding equpment so I believe it to be extremely accurate (I know it 
sounds odd but it looks extremely trick). Also, before I installed the 
guage I increased the tension on my wastegate spring by five full turns. 
This only brought the boost up to about 10.2psi meaning I was running 
some rather low boost before this.  Perhaps these wastegate springs begin 
to sag after holding that little valve shut for 13 years. Or do you 
think boost was really this low on new US cars? Does anyone know what 
level of boost was run on the European Ur's?   All the articles on the 
Ur's back in the beginning gave US boost specs at 12 psi. I Think perhaps 
they were simply quoting the euro figure for the 200hp engines. Did the 
US and Euro cars use the same computers? I would assume not as they should 
have been programmed to take advantage of the higher octane fuels 
available in europe. 
Keith Anderson claims that each psi is worth 14hp. That sounds somewhat 
high to me. Any input would be appreciated.

Rod Wiggins