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Ur stuff

  of Overheating starters and self loosening exaust manifolds
 I was told that it was rather common with Ur-quattros for the starter to 
refuse to turnover after lots of high thrill-factor driving (or anyother 
driving that resulted in a hot turbo). Well I experienced this problem 
frequently and was told that I simply had to pay lots of money to replace 
my starter and wait (shortly) for the symptom to occur again. BUT FOR 
ONCE A CHEAP SOLUTION WAS FOUND!!!  As I was browsing through a Hot Rod 
magazine (in a waiting room -there was nothing better to read) I noticed 
a product called a "starter blanket" for $20.00. Ifigured 'what the hell'
and gave it a try. It wraps around the starter and is held together with 
velcro. I called the owner of the company and he assured me it could be 
used that close to the turbo. After a five-minute installation my starter 
problem was cured! 5000 miles later I haven't experienced a single hot 
start problem. I don't have their phone no. right now but anyone who is 
interested can E-mail me and I'd be glad to provide it.

Self Loosening Exaust manifolds.
 Is this truly as common a problem as I have been led to believe?
 Is there a solution? I recently had to remove my head to drill out and 
replace four broken studs that came as a result of this problem. I 
replaced these studs with grade 8 studs of larger diameter and finished 
it off with two nuts per stud. three weeks later the first two studs have 
begun to loosen up.  I installed racers safety wire on the front two but 
am Concerned about the rears that are not so easily reached. Is there A 
fix?  Have you guys solved this problem or simply haven't had the 
misfortune of experiencing it? ---

 Thank you
 Rod Wiggins