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Re: 84 5000S High Rev

On Mon, 6 Mar 1995, Michael Spiers wrote:

> Hiya!  On the  84 5000S I gave ot my girlfriend, I'm having a wierd problem.
>  Once the car is warmed to running temperature, the thing revs at 2,000 RPM's
> consistently.  Revs are around 900 RPM's when first started, and runs normally
> until operating temperature is reached.  At first it only did this when it
> drove from DC to central PA, so I figured maybe it was an altitude sensor (do
> Audi's even have one of these?) but now it seems to do it no matter where the
> car is.  Because it only does it when warm, is it possible the start-up valve
> is screwed up?  Maybe an O2 sensor out of whack?  Any input would be greatly
> appreciated!  BTW, the car has a 2.2, non-turbo, 5spd manual.
> -Mike
> 87 5000CS TQ
  My 83 Ur-q  had the exact same symptom. It turned out to be leaking 
injector seals. Cheap and easy to replace. It definately sounds like you 
have a vacuum leak. Try spraying some carb cleaner around your hose 
connections to try to isolate where the leak is.
  Hope this helps.
  Rod Wiggins