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Re: 84 5000S High Rev

> It definately sounds like you
> have a vacuum leak. Try spraying some carb cleaner around your hose
> connections to try to isolate where the leak is.

Thanks for the response, Rod.  I rushed home after work last night, and stod
over the engine, carb cleaner in hand.  Then I realized I had no idea what kind
of results I should be looking for!  Will the carb cleaner make the revs drop
when the leak is found, or will I see bubbles?  Flames, perhaps?  I'm making
the assumption that the engine should be running when doing this exercise...
 Also, I came across an interesting phenominon when driving in this morning.
 It was warm this morning, so I never bothered to turn on the climate control.
 Revs were consistent at 1,400 RPM's.  Sitting in traffic, I started playing
around with the climate control.  As soon as I pushed the "auto" button on the
climate control, the engin jumped up to 2,000 RPM's.  Push the off button,
engine SLOWLY sank back to 1,400 RPM's.  This is interesting, I thought.  The
climate control has been malfunctioning since 1989, but has never interfered
with engin performance before, before it was just a guess as to what
temperature air was going to come out of the vents (50/50 chance cold or warm,
no matter what you had the display set at.)  Wassup with that???  Anyone ever
had a screwy climate control that futzed with the idle speed before???  This
thing really has me baffled!  TIA for any suggestions.

87 5000CS TQ