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Re: 84 5000S High Rev

On Mar 8, 12:37pm, Brian Terry wrote:
> In GM cars they call it an "idle compensator", where its function is to
> the idle to make up for the additional drag on the engine caused by the a/c
> compressor.

Hmmm.  The compressor in mine (hers, whatever) hasn't worked in about five
yearrs.  In December, I put in a new Rack & Pinion, and a new hydraulic pump.
 The belt for this pump was behind the A/C compressor, which looked like a
b***h to get to, so I just whipped out the ol' Buck knife and lopped the thing
off and never replaced it.  Although I've only used the heater since then, is
it possible that the control panel is so messed up it's sending signals to the
compressor also, and the car is anticipating the compressor to turn on and
create a drag on the motor so it ups the idle speed?  Maybe I'll put an A/C
belt on tonight just for kicks...

87 5000CS TQ