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Re: Chips

>On Mar 9, 11:23am, Steve Marinello wrote:
>> Now for the better news...I just played a little negotiation with
>> TAP. The regular price is $395....minus 10% for Q CLub members, which I
>> said that I was and thought that you guys were,too, but it's irrelevant. If
>> we can get three ECU's into them on the same day with FedEx shipment and
>> same day return (I'd have to coordinate it and provide names) they'll give
>> us 15% off...or a $337.73 price. What do you think? I don't think there is
>> any major rush, although we'd have to strike soon or at least arrange it in
>> a reasonable time frame.
>>-- End of excerpt from Steve Marinello
>        OK, I'm definitely interested, but I thought someone said just
>        a couple of days ago that all TAP gave you was a stiffer WG spring
>        and a boost sensor cheat ... has this been determined to be untrue?
>        Does TAP put out any literature at all on this documentation, by
>        the way?  (For example, will the stock boost gauge continue to
>        work ... seems like it should if they've got the modification right).
>        -Arun

TAP does the full mod themselves...boost and timing they program and a nice
stiff spring is supplied.  Don't know about literature...I can call again,
and the stock gauge is pretty worthless anyway as it doesn't really measure
boost.  Trevor at TAP says to run a tee off the boost line going into the
control unit and set it up and leave it...or add a real gauge somewhere
else.  The original gauge is an electronic one that you can't use...unless
you feel like doing more mods just to its circuitry, I guess.