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Re: summer tires

>>I currently have Michelin MXV3 tires on my quattro (Pilot HX).  Ive been
>>made aware that these are summer tires, which would explain why I cant brake
>>worth a dam, or negotiate trivial corners with out losing my tail end.
>I found the mxv3 (H) to be incedibly poor in performance (for all conditions)
>on my wife's 200Q.  I replaced them with RE-71 Potenzas (V) as my summer
>tire and was thoroughly satisfied with the difference.  In all likelihood 
>you will 
>be receiving other votes for
>        a) Comp T/As (V)(H)
>        b) Dunlop D40 or D60 (V)(H)
>        c) Eagle GA (H)
>and they are all probably better than mxv3s.  The mxv4s are oem on a few 
>cars lately, so they are probably not too bad, but I haven't anything about
>them yet.
My vote is firmly with the Dunlop Sport 4000's for performance all season
tires...loved the D40M2's for the dry...yet to try the Sport 8000's. 
They've all been better than P7's or P700Z's on my TQC.

My vote for Michelins would be the XGT-H4's or V4's...excellent results on
my wifes old Acura coupe and far superior to the original MXV's.  And the
Eagle GA's that Audi loves and are on my wife's present '93 90S are solid
but absolutely uninspiring tires that I can't wait to replace.