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Re: summer tires

On Fri, 10 Mar 1995, Robert Phillips wrote:

> I'm looking for a new set of "summer" tires too.  I've been extremely 
> pleased with my Yokohoma A008RS road race tires and would like another 
> set of Yok's for the street.  What's the feedback on something like the 
> AVS intermediates or even the A509's?  Anybody used them?  Most people 
> seem to like the AVS, but they are a little pricey as I go through a set 
> of tires for the street about once a summer.  The A509's in the $60 or so 
> range are a little more in my budget.  196/60-14    FWD 4000S
> 				---Bob

I have the 509's on mine now, and they seem pretty good. They are a 
little noisy on the highway though, and arent great in the snow. If I 
could trade them in for the Yok avs u+4 I would in a second!

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