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Re: 4-cyl engine stuff

On Thu, 9 Mar 1995 AUDIDUDI@delphi.com wrote:

> My set is not for sale, either, but I'm curious about yours: Have you ever
> weighed them?  I ask this because the ones that came on my '85 4000s weigh
> 12 pounds each (!) and all the others I've ever seen weigh 16 or 17 pounds.
> The part number is 811 601 025 O and the car was originally delivered to a

No, I haven't had the chance to weigh them.  I am assuming that you have 
the multi-spoke Ronal's that were standard for 85-87's right?  I have all 
of them mounted with tires right now, but when I get around to purchasing 
some new tires, I'll weigh them and see.  Not much incentive for new 
summer meats yet in Ohio, we have had another 6inches of snow the last 
few days.  Really discouraging to go from Pro-Rally driving style to 
Autocross style and back to Pro Rally in the same week.  If you don't 
like the weather, stick around...it will change soon.