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Re: 4-cyl engine stuff


>weighed them?  I ask this because the ones that came on my '85 4000s weigh
>12 pounds each (!) and all the others I've ever seen weigh 16 or 17 pounds.
>The part number is 811 601 025 O and the car was originally delivered to a
>member of the military in Germany.  I checked with Audi and they confirmed
>this is a US-spec car but can't explain why it's different from the others
>I've seen over the years.  None of the differences are significant -- they

I haven't checked the parts number on my factory rims ( or what came with
the car. It was used. ) But I did notice that 2 of them were made in West
Germany and 2 from Canada. They are the regular 5000 rims. The solid ones
with oval holes at the edge. They are lighter than the 15" BBS basketweave
aftermarkets though.

Ernest Wong
email: esw5@cornell.edu