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Re: Tars (tires to all you non-WV netters)

>The current thread on tire selection is interesting.
>Acting on the advice of a friend whose name shall go unmentioned (is that
>the way you wanted it worded, Jim?)  :-) I got a set of RE-71's last Fall.
>Dry traction and handling were superb.  I loved them.  However, less than
>15K miles later (much less?  maybe 12K? Can't remember for sure.) the tire
>are worn out.  Wear pattern is totally nornal.  Pressures were properly
>maintained.  I guess I was just driving 'em too hard.  :-(  I must point out
>that this experinece has been the norm for all my Audis in the past.  Tires
>just don't last for me.
snip snip

Hey I bought my first set too ( ;-) ).  I chalk it up to experience - the 
problem is you
get addicted to superior performance and have to pay to support it.
But damn, you must be doing some aggressive driving in them hills!

the aforementioned jim

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