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Re: Chips (was: Silly Season?)

> OK Steven, I'll bite.  I am interested in upgrading my '87 5000 TQ, and I'm
> pretty much set on putting in Ned's stuff.  Called IA yesterday in fact, and
> his wife said she'd put a bunch of literature in the mail that afternoon.
> -Mike
> 87 5000CS TQ

Count me in the same league. I too want to upgrade my '87 5000 TQ.
Although Ned's IA Stage I mod is expensive at $795, it is the one that
has been proven over many years. I am hesitant to put in stuff like
the $295 SuperChips solution which does not have the timing maps
modified. Heck, most of us could easily change the wastegate spring
with a stiffer one and add a zener diode in the Computer to fool it
into thinking that the boost is lower. We've gone thru this discussion
before - it probably costs < $20 worth of materials to do this. But
is this the right solution? I'd rather have the peace of mind that
my engine isn't going to blow up due to overboost. If I remember
correctly, it was Bill Samaras who has a similar home-brew mod on
his '86 5000 TQ and he said that he would go with IA if he were to
do it all over again - just for the peace of mind.

Steve wrote:
>TAP does the full mod themselves...boost and timing they program and a nice
>stiff spring is supplied. 

I would consider TAP (especially at $337) if there are people who
have this mod for a while and are satisfied. Someone wrote about
Tomas having a chip in for 3 months (was it a TAP chip?) and that he
had pinging on cheap gas. I thought with the knock sensor, the
computer took care of avoiding pinging at all costs. Can anyone
give more info? Anyway, that's why I keep leaning towards IA.

So, if there are others who are willing to go with Ned's IA mod,
may be we can get him to give us a break on the price if say 3 or 5
of us buy the mod from him; may be we can get him down to $500 if
there are enough of us buying. Any other takers?


Zafer Mehmood				   AT&T Bell Laboratories
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