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cheap play time

Agree with your assessment re the audi power, but given the diversity of the
chip options and the secrecy of the "howdaydodats" , this is not an area to
play, in my book...  Who wants to put the $1100 computer on the table and
play with high confidence that it won't go up in smoke?  Haven't seen that
post yet...  Lot's of other areas in that engine bay (not just thinkin' here)
where you can play with safer results for your efforts...  Granted, I'm no
computer guru, but a computer interprets inputs (safer play area) and basic
engine perfomance is not rocket science either...  So, my original thinking
was, get the best computer upgrade available (IA in my opinion) pay the
money, then move on to the performance mods I'm comfortable with...  that was
2 years ago, and I still spend a lot of time figgring my next tweek...  But
the computer was still the biggest bang for the buck.  Where the posts are
going, is in the direction of quantity discounts, so now 3 guys can get a
stage II for 500.00 ($8.33/hp).  This is very sound thinking on my part, and
we can all spend better time figgrin how to do other mods, and leave the
computer as done... 

My .02/hp