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Re: summer tires

Hairy green toads from Mars made Robert Phillips say:

> To add to the fray, anyone had experience with the Continental version of 
> the "aqua" thing?  They look really cool with the large channel in the 
> middle, but would certainly have to give up quite a bit in dry 
> performance due to the reduced contact patch.

Well, they are "Z" rated, so I don't really think you'll be
giving up that much in dry performance.

I've never used them myself. I looked at a set last summer when I
was putting new rubber on my 100Q. But, they were well over $300 each,
and there was no way I was going to spend $1400 to shoe my car.

On a more reasonable line, has anyone tried the CV51/CV91's?
I almost bought a set, but ended up with the Comp T/A VR4's.
I like these a lot, but I've always driven Continental, and
wonder what I've missed. I gave up on the CH51's - they were
too soft in the sidewall for a 100Q. They are great on a Golf.


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