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Re: summer tires (rain tires, really)

i bought uniroyal rallye 440's for my corrado g60.  they were available in
50 series a VR speed rating (unlike the aquatreads). 

the 195/50 VR15's cost under $100 each from tire rack.  these are the best
tires i've ever driven on in the wet.  quattros don't need these but for
those of you with the fwd cars, it elevates the car's wet road stability
up to quattro levels.  i can't recommend it enough if you want an
uncompromising rain tire..  they even stamp a graphic of an umbrella
on the sidewall to show what it's designed for.

in the dry there's plenty of grip, though the shoulders are slightly
rounder, which leads to a less sharp turn in response, but it also means
less tramlining (following grooves in the road).