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Re: 4000q motor swaps

On Tue, 14 Mar 1995, Bob D'Amato wrote:

> Why is the coupe superior in every way? What does it do/have that the 
> 4000 cant? I do like the 4 doors, I definately cant live without them, 
> and I cant stand hatchbacks for everyday use. 

  Well, I once made the same mistake myself, so I figured I'd point out 
your understandible mistake.  Ur-quattros are simply Hatchback 
impersonators. Right down to that line that goes up and arond the top 
window immitating the edge of a hatch.  The rear window is in fact fixed. 
The car has a legitmate (but somewhat small) trunk. The rear deck is 
hinged at the bottom edge of the window and has a proficiency for wearing 
out gas lift struts and, subsequently, owner's arm muscles... 
 Vorsprung Durch nohatchbacken