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broken odometers

On Tue, 14 Mar 1995, Rob Reesor wrote:

> On Mar 14,  1:56pm, Walt Pangborn wrote:
> > Subject:
> >
> > I just acquired a 1986 5000 S last weekend and have several minor(?)
> > problems.  I'd appreciate any suggestions.  I don't as yet have any
> > service manual.
> >
> >    1. Speedometer works but odometer doesn't.
> This, it seems, is pretty normal. It's the old plastic gear on a metal shaft
> problem. VDO repair people are very aware of this and can fix it easily
  I had the same problem on My Ur-quattro, I was able to fix it with a 
drop of super glue, I simply glued the plastic gear to the shaft. It has 
worked for the last 8000 miles. This involves removing your instrument 
panel and then your speedometer. This can sometimes be a somewhat 
difficult job for anyone that does not have fingers like ET. Usually a 
lot of foul language is involved. Remember to be very carefull where you 
put that superglue! 
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hope this helps
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