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Re: Shocking Thoughts about Spring(s)!

>>Eric Fletcher
>>81 Coupe 390,000 Miles and still going!
>Wow! Is it all original?!?! I just sold my coupe to my mom and >I will get
it back when it dies....if it dies!

Pretty much original.  If I were you I'd make sure that "Mom" washes "your"
car and changes the oil... You'll be seeing it again!

As for stuff done on it, here's the list.
Oil Every 3K
Timing Belt Every 60K
Lot's of tires (About every 50k)
1 clutch
3 CV Joints
1 front wheel bearing 
3 Rear wheel bearings
7 Brake Jobs
1 set shocks and struts
5 Batteries
6 A/C Recharges
1 A/C Compressor
1 Starter
3 Speedo Cables
1 Uprated Alt.
2 Water pumps
4 Exhaust systems
1 Cooling Fan
Engine/Trans mounts and Suspension Bushings (When They got Loud!)
1 Fuel Pump

Other than that NOTHING.  The motor has NEVER been opened up. (I Should
Re-Ring it... ) I love this car!

See Ya!

Eric Fletcher
'81 Coupe 390K
'87 5KCSTQ