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Re: Quattro Digest V2 #40

>OK, so the same guy who said that the 5000 turbo engine will >fit so easily
and nicely in the 4000sq (so he says...) He also >told me that in my 90 20vQ,
the V8 will fit in very nicely. He 
>said it is smaller and lighter than my I5, shorter by 2 inches 
>or so, and has 290 horse or so. 
>He is a bad man, putting these thoughts in my head, which out 
>of respect I must heed.
>Any thoughts on this?
>BTW Im also looking for a 5000 turbo donor car and/or a 
>crucnhed v8 donor engine et al.

I Just Saw a COMPLETE V8 With Brain/Wires Etc etc.  Don't know how much they
want.  Call Modern Imports in St. Louis, MO and talk to Kevin.  Tell Him I
sent you.

See Ya

Eric Fletcher
'81 Coupe 390K
'87 5KCSTQ