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Re: 90q 20v top speed

Hairy green toads from Mars made PDQSHIP@aol.com say:

> Bob...  Lots left???  I had my buddies 90 q 20v up to 128 which was the top
> confirmed by car & dribble a few years back...  Not lots more, not any
> more for 20min, up hill or down, wind or lack...  Running 94 octane, cold
> weather too...  you gots one that audi missed I guess  :)

My 100Q 10V has been almost that high. It is supposed to go to 135,
and this is confirmed by computing redline in 5th gear.

Angela's 20V has a redline of over 7000, and enough ooomph to
use it. I suspect that 135 is just a way-station for it. 150?


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