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Re: So many things...

Hairy green toads from Mars made Brooks Ellis say:

> I have a few questions I have been storing up. I have a '90 100 Quattro 
> with the 20v 2.2 I5 (5spd). ( you probably knew that part )

They made a 100Q with the 20V?  I have a '90 90Q20V, and an '89 100Q 10V.
I'm jealous....

> Speaking of WOT...well, as I'm sure you know, the 20v leaves a lot to be 
> desired in terms of performance. I was going to put a K&N on it, and see 
> how that went - has anyone else done this? What kind of gain did you 
> receive? How hard is it to change the air filter? I was looking at it the 
> other day, and it looks like I will have to unscrew and unbolt and undo 
> more stuff than seems proper. ?

I put a K&N in my '89 100Q. OK, that's a lie. I paid my mechanic to
do it. He charged me $5. I agree there is a lot of stuff to get through
to get at the filter box.

As for the gain, it is noticeable. The car breathes a LOT better,
especially at high revs. I have noticed much more available at
4000-6000 RPM, either at WOT or not.

BTW, why do you think the 20V "leaves a lot to be desired in terms
of performance"?  I love my 20V. You just need to drive it fairly
agressively. None of this wimpy 2000 RPM bull. Gimme 5000!


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