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So many things...

I have a few questions I have been storing up. I have a '90 100 Quattro 
with the 20v 2.2 I5 (5spd). ( you probably knew that part )

Anyway, what exactly happens when you floor the gas, and click the little 
WOT switch - is the air / fuel leaned out? more rich? tells the computer 
"hey, we're at WOT. say, didja catch the NCAA finals the othe day?"?

Speaking of WOT...well, as I'm sure you know, the 20v leaves a lot to be 
desired in terms of performance. I was going to put a K&N on it, and see 
how that went - has anyone else done this? What kind of gain did you 
receive? How hard is it to change the air filter? I was looking at it the 
other day, and it looks like I will have to unscrew and unbolt and undo 
more stuff than seems proper. ?

Ok...the real poont of this message..well, its utter and total blasphemy, but
..(sorry) uh.. I'm tired of getting burned at lights by morons in 
econo-boxes that have V6's. Has anyone out there (now donning Nomex) ever 
put NOS on a 5-cyl non-turbo? More importantly, have you done it and not 
ruined the engine? What kinds of mods do you have to do to get the thing 
to work?

bo    brooks@alpha.pr1.k12.co.us ['90 100 Q]  Brooks Ellis                de