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Re: RD..Personnal Experience

My own personal experiance:

1.	In CT, when detectors were illegal, it was also much "easier" to speed
with a detector.  CSP typically only used constant-on Xband and occassional
constant-on K.  Since detectors were legalized, there is a much greater use
of instant-on, and VASCAR-type devices.

2.	In any state, whether detectors are legal or not, if you see an officer
approach from behind, or you are getting pulled, stash the detector, if you can
do it without being seen.  If the cop is right on your a**, I wouldn't try to
stash, as I would expect most cops get understandibly nervous when people
hide stuff (guns, etc).  When I went to traffic court in NY, the cop
presented as evidence that I had a detector, which was taken to show "intent". 
(BTW, this bust occurred on the Cross Bronx Expressway, by a NYC (yes NY
City) Highway Patrol officer.  The only function that this department has is
traffic enforcement.  Conner Street overpass is scene of the crime, and is
still a popular hiding place.  Unmarked cars, behind bridge, instant-on
only)  IMO, if speeding were a real crime, and traffic court were a real
place of justice, the mere possesion of a detector would not imply intent,
however, traffic court is not subject to the normal reading of the US
Constitution.  In traffic court you are guilty until proven innocent. 
Sorry...just venting...


82 GT