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Re: RD..Personnal Experience

I lived in Virginia for 10 years or so, and have first hand experience with RD and 
police.  First, State Police in VA are supervised by a Sargeant (I think), he sets the
policies for that locality, so YMMV.

I was stopped for speeding and using a RD (I was not paying attention, and braked to 
late, he observed me slowing down).  He asked for the RD and I handed it to him 
(Don't ask why I did, there are 7 miles of *extenuating* circumstances.)  
He wrote tickets for speeding and RD - he made no attempt to keep or damage the 
detector.  The RD fine was $40 (I believe it can be up to $100, depending on the 

I later learned several things:
--The *local* Sargeant has told the officers *not* to search vehicles if the driver 
refuses, and   no detector or power cords can be seen.
--In some places an officer will stay with the vehicle while another officer goes to 
court to get a search warrant.
--The VG2 (RD detector) is very sensitive, and has a squeltch knob - so it falses quite 
often.  If you see an officer come after you for no apparent reason, turn it off - 
especially in traffic, he will continue to troll with the VG2 looking for the signal. (I 
have succesfully done this.)
--There are several RDs on the market that claim to be VG2 "proof".  The one that I 
have had first hand experience with is the Valentine One (800-331-3030).  The VG2s 
VA uses do not see this one.  (More first hand experience)  The V. One also has a 
very well thought out display - and I recommend it. (No association, just think it is a 
good product - I don't even own one.)
--In VA State Troopers have been known to use instant on to watch for brake lights 
being flashed - Yes they shoot from behind, they often get the speeding ticket *and* 
the RD ticket.  There are some solutions for this, but only for *serious* pros who pay
much attention to their work (driving).
--I have been told that police in VA no longer confiscate or dammage RDs - They got
sued many moons ago, and stopped that practice.  I personnaly know of two instances
where tickets were issued for RDs and they were returned after writting the ticket. 

--------------Opinion Mode----------------------
I am not a lawyer, and have not tried this - but heres my $0.02 worth:
If you suspect a cop is coming after you with a VG2, turn the detector off, and give it 
to your wife.  Have here stuff it somewhere (on her, purse, something) - be creative.
Refuse to allow him permission to search the vehicle, and deny using a RD.  If you 
have hard wired cord hanging down, they will use that as evidence, and search the 
car (I watched a judge convict a guy on that.)  
If he wants to get a warrant, wait around a few minutes.  I *think* he has to go before 
the judge, so another officer must come keep you there while he goes to get the 

Just my observations on RDs in VA - by the way - using a RD in the late '70s and early 
'80s in VA was great.  Because they were  illegal, cops rarely used instant 
on radar.  Using a well hidden detector work*ed*  well - but no longer (sigh....).
----------------------End Opinion Mode-------------------------

Oh yes, the above experience was gained while driving my --Audi--.

Allan Morris
Phoenix, Arizona
-------1988  90Q----------------