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Re: Differential Lock Display, Syncro too?

Michael Spiers writes > 
>  For the longest time I've had a bulb burned out in the differential display on
> my 87 5kTQ, so I decided to try to fix it after reading the thread.  I was
> successful, but with a different bulb than the heated seat switch.  The bulb I
> wound up using is part number 272-1154, also from Radio Shack, costing $1.39
> for one.  This also had to be soldered into place, but once I got  the display
> out (major pain) it was cake-walk.  Works like a charm, and saved me a whole
> lot of wasted money getting a whole new display from Audi.  Hope this helps
> someone...

Anybody know if this is the same as the one in my '87 Quantum Syncro? 
There is a picture of a chassis with the two green lights in the
positions of the center and rear differentials.  At least I think they are
both green; the center diff one has not lit since I bought the car last April.
There is a single knob that you pull out halfway to lock the center diff,
and all the way to also lock the rear diff.

I don't think that it is because the diff is not really locking. I 
presently have 195-60-14 Dunlops on the car, and the ones on the
back have worn way past useful in snow.  With both diffs open, a bit too
much power in snow brings on lots of wheel-spin oversteer.  Locking the
center diff makes that go away, presumably because it is difficult to spin
a rear tire without spinning a front one.

I am planning on making it through the summer on these Dunlops and getting
some sort of all-weather tires next Fall.  Since this car has way more dry
grip than needed on the street (I can get my g-force fix in the Lotus) and
it snows here in the winter, I have been considering 175-70-14 tires. 
These are the 14x6 GTI 14-spoke wheels.