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Re: help!! Where's my fan switch?

> My radiator fan on my '86 5000cs quit working. With spring slowing coming to
> the northland (MN) I'll need to get it fixed quickly.  I tested the fan
> motor with 12 volts directly on the contacts and it ran (although loudly,
> which isn't unusual).  So is the problem in the switch?  And if so where is
> it located.  I called German Auto Parts in CA and they wondered if it was a
> 2 prong or three prong switch?? Where exactly is this switch located...I saw
> a couple possibilities on the water inlets or outlets on the block.  One was
> up high, the other lower (perhaps half way down) on the block. Is it easy to
> remove and replace?  
> Jan    0022rel@informns.k12.mn.us

On my Syncro, it is on the back of the radiator at the very bottom, where
the left front tire can throw salty water at the wires.  Expect a bad
connection there.  Mine is a three-prong, and one of the wires had a bad
repair on it and had parted company.  I used the crimp-solder-heatshrink
method for a more permanent repair.

Yes, the near 60-degree day we had this week was a shocker, eh?   Give me
a call if you are in the Twin Towns.

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