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Re: help!! Where's my fan switch?

> My radiator fan on my '86 5000cs quit working. With spring slowing coming to
> the northland (MN) I'll need to get it fixed quickly. .....

You might want to check the series resistor that is bolted to the frame
in front of the radiator. Remove the plastic shroud and you'll see it.

This resistor is a center tapped .75 ohm wired so that stage one (A/C demand)
uses the whole .75 ohms, stage 2 (first thermo switch) uses .5 ohm and
stage 3 is direct 12 volts (second thermo switch). The wiring in this area
was changed during the '86 model year so you'll need a diagram to find the
other parts (relay(s) for stage 1 and 2) and thermo switches.

My '86 5000s had this resistor go open for stage 1 when the car was 6 months
old. The replacement is coming up on 10 years old now.

--Bob Kunz