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Re: Re[2]: 5000 Turbo swap into 4000

        >  Uh, folks, regarding the tire FAQ...the Volvo.net *has* put
         > together a reasonably comprensive yet totally anecdotal FAQ
        >  on tires, with a rating system of sorts.

        .>  *If* you think it's relevant, I'll ask the Volvo.net list
        > owner if I can borrow it for a while.

Wouldnt that be like asking minivan owners if we could compare cup holders?  :-)

Is there anyone who owns a volvo know what handling really is??? They dont go, they dont stop... According to their ads, they roll over pretty well though! YECH!!!
(Im going to catch hell for this, arent I)  YOU'RE ALL THINKING IT, IM THE ONLY ONE WITH THE NUTS TO SAY IT!!!! :) :)

I hear TWR did a really cool job with the new 850 Limited Edition though! I wont mess with that one.!)