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Re[2]: 5000 Turbo swap into 4000

          Uh, folks, regarding the tire FAQ...the Volvo.net *has* put
          together a reasonably comprensive yet totally anecdotal FAQ
          on tires, with a rating system of sorts.

          *If* you think it's relevant, I'll ask the Volvo.net list
          owner if I can borrow it for a while.

          BTW, I'm not sure that using another car's tire experience
          will be valuable. Handling changes a lot from car to car,
          with different suspension dynamics, weight, power, etc...
          Volvos, for instance, aren't known for their flat cornering,
          nor for their prodigious power <g>. Porsches, OTOH, offer
          both, sometimes, and methinks most of the Audis represented
          on this list are somewhere in the middle.

          So if you think it's relevant, I'll explore the possibility
          of borrowing the fAQ. But I'm not sure that we'll learn

          Lee Levitt
          1988 Volvo 745T
          19?? Audi ?00??? (still looking, but getting closer <g>)