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Volvo Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Okay folks, you now have a rather dedicated Volvo owner on
          this list. So I can't figger out how to change my subject

          Let me assure you that *my* Volvo *is* well driven. And is
          appropriately equipped (upgraded) for rapid and safe
          delivery of cargo, both biological and otherwise.

          Ever see a Volvo wearing 16" Gatorbacks? Big fat sway bars
          front and rear? Enough european lampage and bulbs to
          illuminate an aircraft carrier? Tunes to make Seiji smile?
          AotoXed in gravel the day after it placed its 8 year old
          butt second in a concours?

          Did I mention that this very same vehicle hauled a washer
          and dryer, in boxes, with nothing sticking out of trunks,
          windows, etc. (Blame the inlaws for this one). Jes try that
          in your wimpy little wagonet <g>

          Been there, done that.

          So cut it out. I love my Volvo! ;-)

          And I hope to enjoy Audi ownership just as much. I'm getting
          a 200T checked out by my mechanic tomorrow. If he doesn't
          find anything too nasty, I hope to be driving (well, my wife
          will) an Audi by the weekend.

          By the way, the comments on this list were pretty lame
          compared to those on the mountain bike list. Those guys were
          *nasty* (and pretty clever too) :-)

          We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

          Lee Levitt
          1988 Volvo 745Turbowagon, 167KM
          1990 Audi 200T 71K (currently courting)