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>Bob...  Lots left???  I had my buddies 90 q 20v up to 128 which was the top
>confirmed by car & dribble a few years back...  Not lots more, not any
>morefor 20min, up hill or down, wind or lack...  Running 94 octane, cold
>weather too...  you gots one that audi missed I guess  :)

No saying how accurate the speedo is on it either at that range. It was reading an honest to goodness 135 though, with over 1000 rpm left?! (no doubt I would need lots of time to use it, and lots of room!)

I cant beleive 128 though, My old 4000q was good for 122 or so, with aerodynamics of a Winnebago and a sheet of plywood.  Now add they aerodynamics, 50 horse and better gearing....
Im not sure if there was something special about this car or not though either... when I got it, it had Factory 15" wheels, lowered a little (cant even fit a floor jack under it) and a few other quirky things that werent the norm for that car. (However it was also sold as a '92 and they werent made in '92)
Who knows? I have a great picture of my old speedo at 120, Ill have to take on of this one at 140 (ifI can reach that!!!!!!)