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Re: your mail

On Wed, 15 Mar 1995, Bob D'Amato wrote:

> Who knows? I have a great picture of my old speedo at 120, Ill have to 
take one of this one at 140 (ifI can reach that!!!!!!) > 
> Bob
Have great picture of me (well two white knuckled hands) with 130 on the 
speedo and about 4,500 on the tacho. There was a lot left: the fwd 100 
2.8 pulls 125 steady all day long, up hills, down hills, against the 
wind, even in the rain (although the wiper motors are barely strong 
enough to haul the blades down the screen at that speed). Flat out, 
indicated 140, easily.
Sadly, I've depressing news. The cylinder head blew on Monday-only 55,000 
miles, boy am I p*ssed off. The garage wants 1,200 pounds ($2,000), and 
I'll bet they don't put it back together again properly. it'll never be 
the same again, knowing the spotty 16 yr olds VAG employs as 
mechanics (sorry, I'm whinging). By the way, they said it was very rare 
for this to happen - yeah, but they didn't offer to pay for it - so could 
anyone suggest why? 
The car is rarely thrashed, driven 40 miles a day on a commuting trip 
which includes 30 miles at 90 and then 5 miles of heavy traffic, plus 
weekend dribbling around to town or relatives' houses. I'd just like to 
know why oh why!