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Re: your mail

On Wed, 15 Mar 1995, joff wrote:

> Have great picture of me (well two white knuckled hands) with 130 on the 
> speedo and about 4,500 on the tacho. There was a lot left: the fwd 100 

At least you had someone in the car with you to take the picture (two 
white knuckled hands...) No one was crazy enough with me?! Not that Im 
crazy but I like to drive fast. (no tix, no accidents EVER!!) The 120 
mark wasnt too bad of a white knuckler for me. In an escort maybe, but I 
felt really comfortable in this car doing it. I spend most of my time at 
100 anyway if I can. THe car loves it. I love it! So it wasnt a huge 
jump. 135 was though, and I was a little more attentive.

> Sadly, I've depressing news. The cylinder head blew on Monday-only 55,000 
> miles, boy am I p*ssed off. The garage wants 1,200 pounds ($2,000), and 

Oh bummer, sorry to hear it! (moment of silence...) Dont dispair, heads 
are rather straight forward to fix, the car should be as good as ever 
when they are done. Really tough to screw up! Best of luck to ya!

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