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Re: 944t

On Wed, 15 Mar 1995, Eliot Lim wrote:
> well, for 2wd i am not interested in tire smoking power.. i was talking 
> about fluency and tossability in the curves.  the g60 is wonderfully
> taut and agile both on tight curves as well as sweepers.  it is small
> too.  also, i put driving enjoyment ahead of competition winning ability.

Hear Hear! I pride myself on NOT smoking the tires!!! (not possible on 
the Q, but certainly possible on the Mustang!) Heck, I owned an X/19 
once, that was an absolute blast!!! no hp, but great handling, never spin 
a tire if you tried! but the fun to drive factor is way high on it. (but 
what a piece of crap)
The G60 is an amazingly sweet car with great handling characteristics and 
corner manners. Definately the preferred car over the VR6.
IMHO for sure.

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