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Re: Speed deamons

On Wed, 15 Mar 1995 PDQSHIP@aol.com wrote:

> Thinkin that your 15 inch wheels might have thrown your actual off anyway...
>  From what I can tell these speedos on the q's never are good for much above
> 100 anyway...  But my 128 is a clock speed not an indicated speed, and there
> was notin more bob, I even tried trimming the throttle back a little (works
> wonders on my 5ktq), no luck in 4th or 5th.  Reading a couple of counts at
> 135, but these all sound indicated too....  That speed seems high considering
> the frontal area and hp on that car...  I like the thought that many are
> testing the top tho.....  :)

Could be... I know at 60mph indicated, I am actually doing 60 (as 
measured by another car, and nothing more sophisticated than that!) 
meaning the tires are "about right" for that speedo gearing. Of course 
those speedos are calibrated to be most accurate in that range, not at 
the high ends.

Ill be the sacrifical lamb.. next time I see one of our fine highway 
patrolman, Ill go by him, check my speedo and read the ticket. See if 
they match.  Then the next message I post will be:
For sale: '91 9020vq, cheap, must pay ticket. wont be needing it next 
10-20 anyway...


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