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Re: Speed deamons

[from Bob D'Amato]
[ur-message from Scott deleted]

>Could be... I know at 60mph indicated, I am actually doing 60 (as
>measured by another car, and nothing more sophisticated than that!)
>meaning the tires are "about right" for that speedo gearing. Of course
>those speedos are calibrated to be most accurate in that range, not at
>the high ends.
Don't remember where I read it, but I think the German speedos are
calibrated to be about 5% slow. So an observed 55 is not even 55. Really
occifer. Really.

>Ill be the sacrifical lamb.. next time I see one of our fine highway
>patrolman, Ill go by him, check my speedo and read the ticket. See if
>they match.  Then the next message I post will be:
>For sale: '91 9020vq, cheap, must pay ticket. wont be needing it next
>10-20 anyway...
Maybe you can get one of those O.J. defense team members to save your butt.
Sorry. I let the O.J. thing slip onto the Q-net.
Now I really deserve an Audi 80 with slushbox and A/C welded on all the time.

Ernest Wong
email: esw5@cornell.edu