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re: Re: 90q 20v top speed

On Wed, 15 Mar 1995 Scott=John=Mockry%Mktg%TM@banyan.bv.tek.com wrote:

> Hello,
> There seems to be a mis-understanding concerning the available top speed of a car. Going 135 MPH in 
> 5th gear and having 1000 RPM left before the engine hits redline does NOT mean the engine has enough 
> horsepower to continue to accelerate the car to the engines redline. Calculating the top speed of a 
> car by multiplying the engine redline RPM times the 5th gear ratio/tire size etc is meaningless.  Most 

True... however at the point where I said "there was more to go" the car 
wasnt feeling any ill affects of Cx. It wasnt slowing down at all. (not 
saying it would continue like that however either!)  There is a BIG 
difference between 135 and 150 and even 140.  Thats why the original 
post, to see what they can really do!


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