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Audis in the movies

> > I'm living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Very close to the mountains and
> > several ski-hills.  I wasnt aware that a V8 manual was faster then an
> > S4 off the line.
> Also, home of the 1988 Winter Olympics.  Right, Jason?
> > Jason
Correct Dawn.  Has anyone ever watched Waren Miller's ski movies?  He always
seems to have a nice collection of Auid Quattros (I remember a V8 in 
particular --

While on the subject anyone know any movies in which Audis are featured?  I
recall Lethal Weapon I (where a villain stole a 5000 turbo) and the Living
Daylights (with Timothy Dalton) - Mr. Bond was shown agressively driving 
a 200 quattro at the beginning of the movie, then later on in a quattro 
wagon.  Throughout most of the movie though his was in his standard Aston