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*Audis in the movies

            Sorry, this message is not from yourself.  It's from Daniel Hussey.
Sorry, I put your name down instead of mine for the sender.  But anyways, I was
 also vey interested in other movies Audis appeared in.  I was unaware that the
y were in both, The Living Daylights and Leathal Weaopon 1.  I'll take more not
ice of it if I rent either of them again.

            I have not seen any of Wrren Millers "Extreme Skiing" movies; they
don't seem to be available for rental anyplace around here.  I think Audi spons
ored some of his films.  I remember a 3-4 pg ad in 'Skiing' magazine about two
years ago for one of his videos.  The first page of the ad had a picture of a p
ill bottle with a prescription of 100mg of Adrenaline on the label.  When you o
pened it up it had a picture of Warren Miller leaning up against a pearl white
Audi V8 quattro, holding a video comera.  This was sort of a co-ad for Audi Qua
ttro and Warren Miller's new ski movies.

            There is a video available that I've been meaning to buy and probab
ly will this month called "The Quattro Experience."  It is 60 minutes long and
contains much rally footage and documentation of quattro development.  A lot of
 tqc's in this one.  It is $29.95 and available through UK Video at (416) 288-
8773.  I have seen the video and I think it is well worth it.
      (Also quattro racing in the USA video available)
         -- I think you might be interested in this video.

                                           Dan Hussey
                                         88 5k cstq