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Re: 944t

the one wrong assumption that is being made in this whole discussion
is that my needs are the same as yours.  i don't think they are at
all, though we like powerful audis.

the 944T fits a certain set of criteria well.  they are not necessarily my
set of criteria.  i am not willing to forgo the ability to put power down
when i want it.  i am not willing to have the engine overpower the tires
easily in the wet.  in these respects, the 944T is not the car for me.
track times are not my criteria for buying cars. 

it is also not clear to me that the 944T will be anywhere near as
painless to own as a g60.  right now all it takes is gas and oil
changes.  i suspect that the 944T will be closer to a urQ than
a toyota to upkeep.

if i were to buy a porsche, i would be far more attracted to the flawed,
air cooled and rear engined variety.  why?  because they are DIFFERENT
from everything else sold today. 

but for the price of a used C4 i can buy a brand new s6 wagon.. just about
the rarest thing in america.  then i can go see ned who lives close by.. 
so it will be far slower on the track, but on the road the cops will
ignore it, the insurance companies will give you the v*lv* rate despite
the turbo and i can haul a piano with it.. nice when you don't own a ****
truck.  there are so many sports cars out there.. how many hot wagons are
there?  i can only think of the v*lv*s..  and they can't put the power
down on a wet day either.

i guess i'm starting to give away my age... not old enough yet for a mid
life crisis... :) my friends at the dealer think i will be extremely dumb
to ditch the v8 after all the care it has received. for now i'm taking
their advice to keep it.  yea, i will also keep the corrado a long long
time.  probably much longer than the audi.. it has staying power.

sorry scott, not in the market for anything right now, least of all
a testosterone machine.