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Re: toys II

On Thu, 16 Mar 1995, Barton P. Chambers wrote:
> While meaning no offense to the prespicatious Mr. Lim; from the, (may I say)
> *conviction* with which he sardonically dismisses the merit of our suggestion 
> (that a 951 just *might* be worth a glance by toy-shopping Q-head), I suspect 
> that he may not be open to reasoned persuasion in this matter.  But then, I 
> *could* be wrong here, as improbable as it sounds, I *was* wrong once before

i suspect you are right.  i am simply not interested in the car in the same
way some people may never be interested in any v*lv*, even the excellent
850.  doesn't strike the right chords, that's all.  but since you guys
tried very hard, i will oblige you guys by checking one out if i get
the opportunity sometime in the future.  (after i try a C4, of course!)

> Now it may just be my exceptional good fortune, which I *freely* admit has 
> saved my personal posterior on more than one (otherwise disasterous) occasion; 
> but while I do not live in Seattle, I have visited Seattle and driven widely 
> there, for a week or more on *numerous* occasions, and have yet to pirouette
> madly off into the Posies, even on the infrequent occasion when it was raining!

aha! i did not suggest that i would get killed if i owned a porker in
seattle.  it is the inability to use all available power in the rain that
i object to.  big differece here, guy.  the v8 will blow by all the hot
rods in the rain with crushing authority, i can attest to that. when it
rains bad, the only people going as hard are (ironically) jeep cherokees
with full time 4wd.  everyone else either hog the fast lane or meekly
pulls to the right lane.  

in the local newsgroups there are individuals in their rusting heaps with
bald tires who are screaming about the reckless, crazy fools who are
"endangering" every one else.  little do they realize that things are
probably more serene in the big Q than they are in their poorly maintained
heaps travelling 20mph slower.  some local culture for you all.. :)