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Re: My first venture to the Q-net

> Hi
> I've only been part of the Quattro list for a day and I'm already excited about
> the amount of infromation available.  I'm a big euro-car fan, with a 87 5000 CS
> Quattro and a 92 VW Passat.

Welcome to the list Randy ... hope you got lotsa room in the ol' mail box!

> I've got a couple of questions that all the experts on the net will find easy.
> my 87 5kCSTQ has 185k miles (all of it in Maine)  and I've just move to sunny
> Phoenix (don't see many Audis here).  Performance is now quite poor with the
> 1500ft of altitude, hot weather, and no gas above 92 octaine, can't get more
> than 0.2 bar boost - any suggestions, would a K N filter help and how do I get
> one.  (Also, my car won't pass emissions - high CO, they don't have a 4-wheel
> dyno machine here, so I think the test is skewed.

You may want to have a local Audi servicer (check the archives) set the car up for
the new environs.  You may actually find the AWD to be a benefit since they can't
dyno it.  
> How about the painted (off white) alloy wheels on my 5000, slightly corroded and
> covered with brake dust - I can't find any product to remove all the crap - any
> suggestions.
I bought something from the BMW dealer for cleaning the wheels on my bike.  Works
great and is supposed to be safe on all surfaces.  Just spray it on the cold wheel 
and with a small amount of light rubbing on the tough spots it's good as new.  BMW 
says that it is proprietary stuff, but I think it may be the same as the S21 (or 
something like that) stuff I've seen in the parts store. 

> Thanks,  Randy Paquette
You're welcome!
Steve Buchholz