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Re: My first venture to the Q-net

On Sat, 18 Mar 1995, joff wrote:

> Bead blasting is bad news for your alloys, it just doesn't do them any 
> good. I know in Britain there are several companies which take your 
> wheels, dip them in some chemical bath which strips the paint without 
> damaging the wheel, then repaint them properly. If there are any defects 
> in the rims, they'll either fix them (if they're minor) or tell you to 
> get a new wheel. It cost about 40 pounds per wheel ($70?), but the outfit 
> (it was a report in a motoring journal) seemed mega professional. 
> Apparently it is the only way to salvage knackered wheels.

Damn, that isnt the answer I was looking for! :) Seemed like such an easy 
fix! Ill have to call around and ask someone who does this, see what they 
use. Doesnt seem economical for me to ship them to Europe to get 
dipped... there must be someone here. Maybe even a zip-strip application 
and a little steel wool. I dont mind spending time on them if it works!

Will keep you posted. THanks


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