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Re: My first venture to the Q-net

On Fri, 17 Mar 1995, Bob D'Amato wrote:

> what do you reccommend for the 'alloy' speedlines on the coupe quattro? 
> The previous owner really neglected them, and the clearcloat is coming 
> off in sheets.  Can I bead blast them? Will it still look OK? I would 
> prefer not sending them out to be done, but I certainly could...
> Never bead blasted a mag before... then clear coat again?  mx

Bead blasting is bad news for your alloys, it just doesn't do them any 
good. I know in Britain there are several companies which take your 
wheels, dip them in some chemical bath which strips the paint without 
damaging the wheel, then repaint them properly. If there are any defects 
in the rims, they'll either fix them (if they're minor) or tell you to 
get a new wheel. It cost about 40 pounds per wheel ($70?), but the outfit 
(it was a report in a motoring journal) seemed mega professional. 
Apparently it is the only way to salvage knackered wheels.

Let me know what you do, as I have spoked alloys on an old 316 which are 
completely wrecked (clear coat peeling left, right and centre), that I've 
been wondering for a while what to do about. Thing is, the spokes are 
painted black, while the rims are polished alloy.