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...  The definition of Pro Rally...  I came from that background racing a 81
scirocco and actully had Buffum and Crazy man Shepard as my instructors at PR
school...  What a rush...  Find the 5ktq to be easily drifted in wet and
dirt/mud...  But in snow mine snaps tail with very little warning, in fact,
had my car heading sideways toward a tree at 70 in the snow, don't know how I
found the **lls to put my foot on the accel more but it worked, and I've
eliminated the tire factor in this equation, even the hoka's didn't help
here...  The rain events are great for the q's, cuz it is supposed to be a
control clinic, but I found when switching from Prorally to track and auto-x,
as soon as your tires are squealing yuo're losing lap time, but it was more
fun I said...  :)