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Re: 215/60 Tires?

Re: your tires, don't mix em, not a good idea q or non...  your car comes
with 205/60 15X6...  I compared the 215 to the 205 with my ganalyst (my 87
came with 215's and had 205's in the garage) and found that with the 6in
wheels the 205's had better handling wet and dry...  But the 215 look better,
must admit...  But be careful, some man claims of 215 might rub the rear
fender....  I went plus 1 and even with the 16X7.5 I went with the 205/55
size...  Wider isn't always the better way, go with the 215's only if you can
find the optional coveted 15X7 Fuchs audi wheels (good luck here)...