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Leather Care

Had a couple of people ask about Leather care after I mentioned a product
called "Leather Amor". I have used many leather care (exept the $65 "Hide Food"
sold at the dealership..Ugh!) products and this one seems to work best. It
leaves no sticky film, cleans and conditions in one easy step, has no oder,
leaves your seats soft, not sticky or wet feeling like Lexol and is fairly
inexpensive. You should be able to find it at any Ma & Pas leather store or
you can get it mail oreder from a company called "Motorcars Intl."
Ph. 1.800.977.9707 for $7+SH. (At least call these guys and order the
catalog...lottsa expensive car goodies...they even has exotics for sale in
it.) Its made by a company here in WA called "Bee Natural Leather Care inc."
goes by the name Leather Amor or Auto Amore. Hopes this helps...and no, I
don't work for these guys...really....just my .02

Happy Cleaning!

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