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Hide food

 No...Thank you. Hide food for $11.00 !?. Both Audi dealers here in Seattle
want $65.00 for a small jar of the stuff! I guess they figure I can use it in
place of the jar of vasaline they forgot to sell me with my $8 bottle of
touch-up!! Bend over son...This just conferms my feelings that ALL the dealers
are a bunch of god$%#!....don't get me started. Has *anyone* ever had any kind
of pleasurable experience with any dealership? I've heard of profit but give
me a break!
 Thanx again for the tip, I've heard good things from others on "Hide food".
I'll give it a try....as soon as I win the lottery!


90' 90CQ 30 K Pearl/Black w/very soft supple and moisturized leather seats....

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