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Re: your mail

I agree that Competition Unlimited was very helpful and that the high
power 9004's they sell with their wiring harnesses are an improvement.
Now, lemme tell ya 'bout my experience with the lights themselves (not the
company).  The high wattage lights burn up sockets.  The stock sockets
are  TOTALLY INCAPABLE of handling the high power sockets.  The heavy duty
sockets provided as part of the wiring harness are an improvement but the
(they - not the :-( ) still burn up.  From what I observed, the ground 
connection in the socket routinely makes a poor connection and overheats.
This melt plastic and leads to a real mess along with lights that barely glow
at all.

I chucked the whole setup and went back to strictly stock.  Then I added some
auxilliary lighting which has made a great difference.  "Once I was blind,
but now I can see!"  My solution?  Some el cheapo brand projector lights
from JCWhitney.  Two pair (fog and driving lites) mounted under front bumper
using relays and drawing power directly from the battery and activated by
either the high beam signal (driving lites) or the parking lite signal (fog
lites).  Sharp cut-off and narrow beams work great.  Lights don't look TOO
bad under the bumper  Well, if ya sorta squint and allow your eyes to go a
little outa focus, thay don't look too bad. :-)  They are a bit vulnerable to
sharp angle of attack changes (deep gutters, etc) and could meet an abrupt end
if you aren't careful.  Lights mounted in the air dam would be preferable,
but...  $$$$.

There, now you have my two cents (twice - does that make four cents? or any
sense at all?)

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